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and saturday when he hits the road for town hall meetings in two conservative areas of the country, montana and colorado. it won't be easy. poll numbers show 34% of americans say the loud disruptions at town hall meetings in recent days have made them sympathetic to the protesters concerns. >> supports insist there is a lot of misinformation of what might be ebb include ned plan and they argue leaving the system as it is just won't work. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >> barack obama will hold a health care reform town hall meeting tomorrow in belgrade, montana and then another one over the weekend in grand junction, colorado. >>> u.s. marines are on the move in southern afghanistan staging an offensive in a taliban held area. the marines had to rescue families who were trapped in a compound near a village where they were fighting. they treated the wounded and moved the families to a safe area. the marines, alternate troops and afghan army forces are trying to reverse the taliban resurgence in southern afghanistan and make it safe for the civilians. >>> an iphone owner in france say
for that reason, too. >>> the president's going to go on the road tomorrow, a town hall meeting in montana, max bachus's backyard. if there was ever a time to call out a colleague and not giving the president what he wants, it would be max backus. what's the mission here? >> the mitts is none too subtle. carol lee tomorrow on politico is reporting that the tickets will be given out for the president's town hall on health care in a little different way, first come, first served, which means there could be more dissent and a little more excitement. people have said the president is good at asking questions, he should go ahead and take the tough questions, nobody is going to rattle him, and he doesn't get tagged with the suggestion he does, that the questions were too easy, because the people were screaming, so maybe a little excitement tomorrow night in montana. >> thanks, mike. mike allen from politico tonight with us on "the ed show." >>> what is your church doing about health care? anything? i'm calling on the leadership of the christian community to explain to me where they stand, and when it
makes his pitch for healthcare reform at a town hall meeting in montana. at a bozeman suburb, hundreds are expected to show up in protest. the healthcare reform has triggered a wave of growing anger in the country. susan roberts is in washington with more. susan, good morning. >> reporter: michelle, good morning to you. the white house is trying to push back against these explosive town hall meetings through its online campaign and the president himself. the administration is trying to quiet the critics of healthcare reform. critics angry over the president's healthcare reform plan are not holding back. >> you listen to us. >> reporter: americans will have another chance to be heard today at town hall meetings across the country. democrats are trying to win over an increasingly skeptical public fed up with the proposed overhaul. >> nobody tells me how to live my life. nobody tells me how long i should live and when i should die. >> reporter: but not everyone is out to crush reform. >> that's not fear. that's not fear. >> reporter: supporters are also speaking out. this woman recently l
of reform. >> reporter: president obama will take on the case in town hall meetings in montana and colorado. 34 percent of americans say the loud disprescriptions -- disruptions have made them sympathetic to the opponents. they insist there's a lot of misinformation about what might be inclued in the health care reform plan and they argue leaving the system as it is won't work. the white house. >> salisbury will be in town to explain the plan and we want to know your thoughts. e-mail them to us at web alert and click on the link at the top of the wjz home page. >>> an unusual on the job fatality. he was mowing the grass in columbia when he apparently fell asleep and his riding mower kept going, going down the side of the hill and pinning him underneath it. they're investigating. >>> a prince george county woman accused of luring a man to his death. she invited andre hayes to a place where he was shot to death. >>> the swine flu claimed another life here in the state of maryland. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, the maryland department of health and mental hygiene confirmed that a six
the campaign, going viral and we will see the president tomorrow out in montana and colorado doing the same kind of town hall he did before. they are even trying to open these town halls up so they can refute these claims that they are stacking these town halls with people. >> here is a question that intreegs me. at these town hauls, these lawmakers go out there and have exchanges with their constituents, is it more likely that the lawmaker changes the view of the con stitt went or the con stitt went changes the view of the lawmaker? >> i think the way you said the question tells us the answer. the lawmaker comes back and thinks, i have got some information. politicians, they are magical thinkers. they are in their offices. they don't know what's going on. they have polls and wizards that come in and tell them what the public is thinking. sometimes they overrely on the reality they see in their immediate environment. >> i suspect a lot of these lawmakers will come back in september with different views than early august. >> certainly, they will know about the concerns out there. i don't kno
. >> what else is he doing in montana? >> i hope that he will be enjoying the big sky country. i do not have any announcements on that today. at least i can lean on that side of it. >> i want to follow-up on what truck was asking. he is the top senator on the senate finance committee. the president wants a bipartisan bill. senator grassley said no public option. yesterday, he had a chance to clarify the death panel thing and he said that people have the right to be afraid of it. can you still count seriously chuck grassley as an ally in getting the health care bill passed? >> i think there's still the possibility of getting bipartisan agreement through the finance committee in order to make progress on a piece of legislation that can pass the senate. they're obviously the three republican senators who are involved in this. we hope to quell the misconceptions that apparently are held even by some in the senate. about what the bill is and what the bill is not. we will continue to hope that they can make progress. whether or not it happens, i do not know. >> he seems to be doing rope a dope wit
montana y el sábado en colorado en la casa blanca, lourdes m univisión >>> vamos a una pausa a la vuelta el presidente uribe de colombia confirma su asistencia a la cumbre de una sur. >>> liberan en méxico a los supuestos culpables de una masacre ocurrida hace más de 10 años >>> en venezuela, pri moprimen que se oponen a una reforma de educación del presidente chávez. ¿te despiertas a cada rato para ir al baño? ¿tienes urgencia al ir también de día? tezvekph@h@tezvnx]dxkph@h@tezvnp una eh@h@tezvnxtuhkp para muchos hombres, flomax reduce los síntomas por bph en sólo una na. tezvnxp evita manejar o realizar tareas riesgosas por 12as lue de un de limera s,tezvnxp h@h@tewpkkp unja repna resiónerial, h@h@que rara vez causa desmayos. de un de limera s,tezvnxp h@s de uirugíade cath@as, tezvnx infopa tu omólogoque has to. efs secuios cotezvs ókpgoteo a nari mareos y disminución demen. tezvprh@ta a tdico s flomh@s adec para ¿o parah@h@tezvnxtutkp te para una muestra gratis por una semana, llama al 1-888-miflomax. ( ♪ música ) >>> en venezuela ya policía utilizó gases lacr
on the gridiron from the joe montanas to the reggie whites. come january you have an opportunity to see those great players get their name called to be enshrined into the pro football hall of fame. we now look back on 10 years of ozzie newsom as he reflects on his induction into pro football's hall of fame. >> started out playing football in junior high, you just want to be on the team, you know, and you get lucky enough it play at a very good high school, and i only played in like four losing games in my three years of high school ball. and win a state championship. and lucky enough, because i don't know if my parents would have been able to pay for me to go to college. i get a scholarship and i play at the university of alabama and play in the orange bowl and the sugar bowl, and then to come in to cleveland, to have your position changed, to have three shots at going to the super bowl and get to the hall of fame. what everybody throughout your whole walk of life can be right there with you to enjoy it all, it's a very, very special thing. and the lead in to the hall of fame is, after your f
us about those plans. >> he's got a couple of town halls. one in colorado, one in montana. this is a three or four-day swing out west. montana, colorado and arizona and do some sightseeing with the fo whole family. >> thanks so much. >>> coming up, he was convicted in connection with the 1988 lockerbie bombing and now, he might be set free because he's sick. but how sick is he and does it matter? >>> plus, it was only a few months that anything obama sold like hot cakes. now, there's an up tick in antiobama gear. >>> and you've seen the ads. sell your gold for cash now. but should you? you're watching "it's the economy" on msnbc. i was in the grocery store when i had a heart attack. my daughter was with me. i took a bayer aspirin out of my purse and chewed it. my doctor said the bayer aspirin saved my life. please talk to your doctor about aspirin and your heart. i'm going to be grandma for a long time. have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. at legalzoom, we'll help you incorporate your busines file a patent, make a will and more. yo
in each direction right now between bladensburg road and west virginia-montana. if you are coming inbound, they were allowing traffic to travel through the parking lot just after bladensburg road. we're in thquite sure while they were allowing the traffic to do that. it is blocked off in each direction between bladensburg road and west virginia-montana. you want to stick with rhode island avenue and use that as an alternate. keep in mind, during the middle of the day, they've been doing a lot of roadwork along benning at eighth street. that might be a bumpy ride for you but at least it is open. new york avenue traffic will be blocked off. traveling south on 270, lanes are open out of germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. >>> we're on call this morning. new moms in this current are you are getting older. the government says the number of women 35 or older giving birth for the very first time has increased dramatically over the last 40 years. in 2006, one out of 12 first born babies had mothers would were 35 or older. in 1970, only one out of 100 babies had mothers that a
, tomorrow in montana. there will be another one with him in colorado saturday. we will be watching today's action and bring you any new developments. >>> also, we're learning more about what really happened when police escorted a woman out of a town hall health care meeting. this is the video we've been showing you. from missouri senator mccaskill's forum. the police tried to take a sign from her that said "rosa parks, first lady of civil rights." a new youtube video shows a different angle. we'll try to highlight it. a man actually went over to her and ripped the sign out of her hands. so police ended up leading both of them away. that woman, by the way, maxine johnson, is giving her side of the story. she said she went to the forum to represent her primarily african-american neighborhoods who do not have health insurance. she said she went through security, several guards saw the sign. she comply with instructions not to unroll it. but a reporter asked to see it and johnson says people in the audience were the problem. >> and there i asked another, i said, what was the problem. it was
bladensburg road and the traffic circle of west virginia, montana avenues because of a building fire. everybody's being turned around right now. it does appear some traffic may be getting by the service roadway, but again, inbound and outbound new york avenue between west virginia, montana and bladensburg road close because of a building fire. you can see some of the fire there. elsewhere let you know things a little hazy through the mid-august muck as you take a look at the wilson bridge, but the good news is traffic is moving along nicely. joe, back to you. >> a lot of haze. thanks very much, jerry. >>> time is now 6:43, 73 degrees. >>> the big screen tv on sale for $10, but there's a big but. >> i can imagine. d.c. mayor adrian fenty is here for "connecting with the mayor." i'm going to ask you about whether the district is ready for the start of school and whether the district is making a push to bring the >>> our time 6:. we're connecting you with the mayor, as always, at this time every thursday i'm here with d.c. mayor adrian fenty. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> great t
on the road for a town hall. where is he headed? >> he is going to bozeman, montana to a county where he carried by 1600 votes. they have voted twice for him -- for george bush in the past. there is some sense and that they want to get max baucus' attention by going there, and montana is ground zero for health care reform, because that is where he is from. we have already seen people lining up to get tickets to the event. bill: there is a gallup poll out today that says independent voters are moving in a certain way. 35% are more sympathetic to the views of the protesters, opposed to 16% who are less sympathetic. how are these numbers being received? >> in the briefing yesterday, we heard robert kids say that some people were somewhat disappointed that he did not get a tougher response in new hampshire. he constantly talked about the food fight of the debate and have cable news is feeding on this, but clearly from the gallup poll, independents are starting to become sympathetic with these people protesting. certainly not good in terms of public opinion. bill: thank you. megyn: do you rem
for 70% of the audience town halls there will be another one in montana tomorrow. 30% are set aside to sympathetic officials in the region. that's how things will be conducted in montana. white house says they like a rigorous robust debate. whether they get in their own town halls probably not. lawmakers are. shepard: thank you. mixed news from the jobs market. the number of americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits went up unexpectedly last week. that's according to the department of labor which reports there were 4,000 more first time claims than the week before. but at the same time we learned the total number of americans continuing to receive jobless benefits fell by more than 140,000, to just more than 6.2 million. the so-called experts were way off in guessing how much money spent in stores last month. they were expecting retail sales to rise, almost 1%. they did not. they went down. july sales down 0.1% in june it would have been worse had it not been cash for clunkers program. auto sales were up big last month. take those out of the pictures and retail sales wou
. >> president obama holds yet another town hall tomorrow, so we'll be in montana. it was a state that obama almost was able to win last year. not normally grown as a battleground state but one where he did better than previous democratic presidential contenders. >>> also, protesters and supporters are already heading to montana setting the stage for what could be another rowdy show, particularly outside the town hall venue. >>> and then finally tomorrow is the second day for that net roots nation blogosphere con fab that's going on in pittsburgh. tomorrow's main event is howard dean, who is going to be speaking on, you guessed it, health care. >> and, mark, as you noted, the president out west. how might that factor into the conversation? we know so much is transitioning the way we think. what used to be the midwest, but now people say the west as a barometer of so much. >> tamron, you raise a really interesting thing because obama and democrats have done very, very well out in the western part of the country in 2006, 2008 election cycles, and they're very libertarian, independent streak. i
: president obama will have his second town hall meeting of the week tomorrow in montana set back on his heels but hoping soshift public opinion on his defining issue. katie. >> couric: one of the most contentious issues in the health care debate involves a proposal to provide end-of-life counseling to help patients decide what kind of medical treatment they want or need. the most extreme opponents have raised the specter of what they call death panels that would decide whether insurance would pay for end-of-life care. there is no such proposal, but the issue has become so divisive the president felt compelled to assure more thans this week that no know was going to-- as he pulled it-- pull the plug on grandma. kelly cobiella has more now on a subject most of us have difficulty talking about. dying. >>eporter: as the protests and the shouting continue in town halls on how end-of-life care would be changed by health care reform, quietly, away from the furor, molvin edwards and his life are planning for the last days of his life. have the doctors told you what your prognosis is? >> they can't do
's why you'll see the president going to a town hall meeting tomorrow in montana and then off to colorado on saturday. lou? >> now, this sounds awfully like manufacturing. it sounds like astro turf on the part of the white house which is the very same press secretary robert gibbs was -- well, has been moaning within the past week. all of the noise, as they see it, some of the misinformation as they are calling it at these town hall meetings out there. and they said, yeah, there is that concern. obviously, though, the white house hoping that they will base it on facts and not any misinformation as they see it. what they are trying to do is knock it all down. we are seeing such an aggressive effort with the town hall meetings and then i take you back to when the president was in new hampshire and he started off his town hall by telling folks that, you know, i want to hear from people who don't agree with me. and then at the end when most of the questions were relatively easy questions, then he started asking, anybody here disagree with me? they really try to at least from a marketing standp
dissenting voices at these town hall meetings? when he goats to montana or colorado, or are they going to be orchestrated? we haven't seen anybody get up and challenge the president. >> it's interesting they haven't. i think probably what that shows you is that most people want to engage in a polite, civil discussion. the president got some challenging question when is he was in new hampshire. he asked for people who were skeptics, the public can buy tickets or get -- not buy, but can have access to the tickets to these events, but they're absolutely open to the public. he expects that and wants to answer those questions. so that he could ants the questions himself. >> i thought he did a heck of -- linda douglass thank you for joining us tonight. thank you. >> thanks, ed. >>> coming up on "the ed show," dr. doom and elected official believes the president wants to use a pandemic disease or natural disease as an excuse to declare martial law? stay with us. imodium multi-symptom relief combines two powerful medicines for fast relief of your diarrhea symptoms, so you can get back out ther
spirited. president obama will hold two more of those town halls this week in colorado and montana. >> as we have been seeing over the last few days a lot of misinformation out there. several different versions of the reform bill are out there and not all the bills contain the same provisions. tonight we break some of it down for you. >> i guarantee you i will be one of them that will be thrown away. >> reporter: frustration was evident among democratic lawmakers holding the session. >> people putting out information that is totally false. >> reporter: separating fact from fix isn't easy. four different versions have been approved by congressional committees. we searched for answers on three drafts available. on abortion. >> what is the position on tax funded abortions which will increase the death of preborn infants by 30%. >> would the government pay for abortion? that is unclear. two of the bills don't address that question at all. one version requires that one health plan in each region cover the procedure. on illegal immigrants. >> illegal aliens will not be in this bill at th
there in montana tomorrow and another one in colorado on saturday. >>> the montgomery county humane society expects to close the private rescue for the next few weeks because of the economy, they had to cut the costs. that facility, that cost them an upward of $400,000 a year to operate. closing it means that the dozen of families, they will hopefully adopt the animals to give them a home. and they are also looking for the foster families to take care of the pets in the meantime. >> that is cost effective for the whole family. and that is giving them a home-like environment for them while they are waiting for the future homes. >> the private rescue, they will close once every animal is adopted or placed for the foster family. and that is going to happen hopefully within the next four weeks. >>> still to come when nine news now continues, thrust your babies to the nine for next to nothing. we'll tell you how in living smart. >>> and the army reservists, who became the face of the prison scandal, they are coming to tkáflt c. to set the record straight. >>> plus, we're in pretty good shape here for t
goes back on the road tomorrow to talk about health care. he will be in belgrade, montana, to talk about his plan to overhaul the nation's health- care system. on saturday, the first family plans to spend part of the day in yellowstone. afterward, president obama has to another forum in grand junction, colorado. white house officials have said that the trip is partly aimed at encouraging people to visit national parks, as well as to get out the message on health care. this morning, "washington journal" asked to be worse if the message is indeed getting out. we will show you as much as we can -- a view is if the message is indeed getting out. we will show you as much as we can. have the health care protests changed your mind? beginning with a call from sun city, fla. on the independent line. what is your thinking as an independent? caller: thanks for taking my call. it has changed my mind a bit. i think the american people would benefit by being a self- insured group, and i think it is nice that obama it is given a choice. what i would like to impress everyone with and this is very
. out bound laborers remain closed between virginia, montana. before the lane drop here at van dorn, a stalled tractor- trailer, off the road to the the wilson bridge, inner loop runs without incident ae bridge interchange. southbound 270, an accident after the truck scales. left lane is blocked at this point. delays beginning well before hyattstown leaving route 80 down toward the scene. 355 could work well as an if alternate for you. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> still ahead on fox 5 morning news, we're learning more about the upcoming memoir written by former vice president dick cheney. >> we'll find out what he's saying about an alleged i between himself and george bush aheff. >>> and when you book a flight, the new requirements when we come back. >>> we're taking a trip back to 196. it's been four years since woodstock and we're going to experience it all over again.  >>> he is convicted of bombing a pan am flight over scotland more than 20 years ago. but sky news is reporting that the former libby an intelligent agent may be released from jail now due to
meeting in montana on friday. then another in colorado on saturday. >> reporter: he'll have his work cut out for him. opponents show no sign of backing down. some are being escorted out of town halls. one group in ohio brought a photo of the president, altered to make him look like adolph adolf hitler. lawmakers there confronting are trying their best to keep the dialogue going. >> i'm just telling you, you have to deal with your fear. >> reporter: but the white house knows they'll have to deal with opointents -- opponents' fears if they want to get back on track. >> are you for or against the president's healthcare bill? wjz would like to know what you think about the plan. e-mail us your thoughts to or click on the link at the top of the home page. >>> a school band director in howard county is sentenced for molesting a student. robert johnston taught at mount hebron school for 35 years before his arrest in december. he pleaded guilty. and sentenced to nine years in jail, with all but 18 months suspended. >>> investigators looking into the fatal metro crash
. the president will hold two town hall meetings tomorrow in colorado and montana. he has trouble to win over opponents, but that does not seem to be hurting his popularity. according to a brand new fox news opinion dynamic poll, 53% of registered voters say they approve of the president's job performance tree that is a new low. 40% say they disapprove. shannon bream is in washington, d.c. it is interesting to watch the president at these town hall meetings. >> he is so charismatic and he is such a good communicator that during the campaign, thousands of people showed up. now when he goes to the town hall meetings, he is meeting different crowd to have tough questions for him. they want him to back up the rhetoric. the reality of getting stuff done is much tougher. a lot of americans are losing confidence in the president's ability to do that when it comes to health care reform. shepard: where do they see the strategy as having misfired? >> initially, it was put together that we have a lot of people are not covered, and you need to care about your neighbor. when people look at the number and
in montana on friday. and another in colorado on saturday. >> he'll have his work cut out for him. opponents show no sign of backing down. >> reporter: some are being escorted out of town halls. one brought a photo of the president, altered to make him look like adolph adolf hitler. >> the lawmakers are trying their best to keep the dialogue going. >> reporter: but the white house knows they'll have to deal with opponents' fears if they want to get healthcare reform back on track. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> we'd like to hear your thoughts about healthcare reform. e-mail us your thoughts to wjz thereto -- or click on the link at the top of the wjz home page. >>> weijia jiang is live in the newsroom with the news of the six deaths linked to h1n1. >> they say the latest victim is an adult from the washington, d.c. suburb. the person's sex and age has not been released. but it is known, they did have underlying medical conditions. the health department says they do expect even more flu-related deaths. and they're urging everyone to take advantage of t
support. he heads to montana tomorrow. >>> the remains of navy pilot are back in florida. captain spiker's hornet was shot down on the first night of the gulf war in 1991. his remains were just recovered. his casket arrived this afternoon. tomorrow it will be driven by location associated with spiker's life. he will be buried at jacksonville memory garden in a private ceremony. >>> mourners are paying their final respects to eunice kennedy shriver today. thousands are expected to attend today's public wake at a church in cape cod. the founder of the special olympics passed away on tuesday at the age of 88. allison joins us now from centerville, massachusetts with more on the story. allison. >> reporter: so many people have been here visiting today. among the visitors, of course, clergy and members of eunice kennedy shriver's family. and many people from the special olympics, athletes who explain w kennedy shriver changed their lives. >> there is so much idealism in my family and eunice's life is such an example of the best of our country. >> friends and family today remember eunice ke
west to montana and colorado. and last night in colorado at another town hall meeting on health care critics were ready to pile on. >> to quote somebody i think some of the leaders have acted stupidly. >> reporter: now the white house also had to acknowledge that the president misspoke at his own town hall meeting when he said the aarp backs the plan working through congress. at this point they do not. in washington, fox news. >>> all right, as douglas just said, democrats claimed some of the angry audience members are planted, part of a g.o.p. plot to stop the plan. >>> and now a former public relations representative for cigna says it was not unheard of people to pay option groups to things like health care reform. cigna has not commented on the situation. >>> and headed out to the airport? we have changes that you may need to know. plus, one area slashing prices at the grocery store. >>> and forget the knock, knock jokes. one man is in trouble for ringing doorbells naked. that story and a whole lot more you can find on the website. we're back inwo minutes, stay with us
there in person and to the country. holding a town hall meeting in montana on friday and then another one in colorado on saturday. >>> he will have his work cut out for him. they show no sign of backing down. >>> they are being escorted out there. they altered them to make it look like hitler. the lawmakers there, confronting or trying their best to keep the dialogue going. >> they said that they have all been reported to my colleagues in washington and what the temperature is out there. that is about 213fahrenheits. >> but they will need cooler heads to prevail if they want the healthcare reforms back on track. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >>> authorities say that a man arrested at yesterday's healthcare town home meeting held by the maryland senator, ben carden. he's now in the custody of the secret service. the washington county sheriff's office says that unidentifies the 51-year-old holding a sign that says death to obama. >>> a somber salute to honor a navy pilot long gone, but never forgetten. the remains of michael scott have been returned to his florida home 18 years aft
meeting tomorrow in montana. yesterday, in washington county, maryland, plenty of heated rhetoric at a meeting hosted by senator ben cardin. >> i am not going to vote for any bill that adds to the national deficit. >> you already have. >> with usurping authority is not granted by you as a united states senator. >> reporter: 400 people attended the meeting in hagerstown and 500 were kept waiting outside. >>> things aren't much easier for republicans. iowa senator charles grassley held a town hall on health care yesterday, four of them in fact he has been accused by some on the right for selling out to democrats as well as accusations from the left that he is blocking reform movement. >>> these days daily health care town hall meetings are turning in to shouting matches for people on bod sides of the aisle. we look at the actions being done the meetings. when it comes to booing members of congress, 44% of people call it democracy in action and 47% say it is an abuse of democracy. as far as shouting down people with opposing viewpoints, 33% called it democracy in action but 59% say i
returns to the town hall stage tomorrow in montana. now, ali velshi has been on the road all week long holding his own version of the town hall meeting listening to what people are saying about health care reform and he's not running for office. not trying to keep his seat. he's just in search of real people with real concerns. ali's found his way to sedalia, missouri, not too far from kansas city. ali, from your perspective in talking to folks on the road trip, how effective are these town halls? what do you think? >> reporter: well, everybody's heard of them or seen them. it has been the talk of the week. in fact, we've been talking to people about the economy all week generally, but somehow every conversation makes its way back to health care. and i think people have been influenced by them in some fashion because they've heard things being said. they've heard people talking about the government lying or the fact that it will be government control or they won't have choices about their doctors. or their health care. there's definitely been -- there have been things that have been pi
, texas, oklahoma, montana and west virginia. all of whom have natural resources and energy income. and i think by the way, texas is the most understudied success story in the country. if you really want to look at stunning economic capability, texas is remarkable. as i said earlier, we had sustained very low growth, and we did it selectively, because we actually doubled the budget of the national institute of health, while controlling spending. now, policies do matter, and texas is a good place to study that. texas was responsible for 70% of net new jobs in 2008. in the entire country, 70% of the net new jobs were in the state of texas. their unemployment rate is about 2 percentage points below the national average. one reason is, their legislature only meets every other year. this is very important. of the rise of professional legislators has led to the rise of powerful interest groups who basically sustain those legislators and the result is you get much too much government, much too much bus -- bureaucracy, and much too much special interest. when you elect people from the general pop
to some agreement. >> besides the town hall, tomorrow, what else is he doing in montana? recreationally that you can --? >> i hope we'll be enjoying big sky country, but i don't have anything to announce. >> doing what? hiking? fishing? >> i don't have any announcement on that today. >> any coverage? >> probably not. >> whatever it is -- >> at least i can lead on that side of it. >> whatever it is, we will see it, is that what you are saying? >> robert, i want to follow up on what chuck was asking about senator grassley. so he's the top senator on the senate finance committee. the president has talked to him, the president wants a bipartisan bill, and yet senator grassley came out and said, no public plan option, no way, no how, he won't vote for a bill on it. and yesterday in a chance to clarify this death penalty thing, instead he jumped on it and people -- death panel, sorry. he said people have a right to be afraid of it. so can you still count, seriously, chuck grassley as an ally in getting your health care bill passed? >> i still think there is the possibility of getting bipartis
obama will be holding two town halls this weekend, one tomorrow in montana and another in colorado saturday. but there's still a few more weeks until congress is back from recess, and there's a lot more time to debate and a lot more opportunities for people to be misinformed. joan walsh is the editor in chief for i want to start with senator grassley. he's come out in regards to the comments he made the bipartisan group drop the end of life provision from the proposal even though he brought it up yesterday, he said that people have every right to fear. when you hear signs like david just mentioned, isn't it a great responsibility to make sure you are always stating the facts, especially when you're an elected official? >> yeah, i would agree with you, tamron. and i know grassley is a conservative, but i don't really consider him part of the bomb-throwing fringe, like sarah palin. >> which is part of the shocking nature of this angle of the story. >> right. he knows better. he knows what's in every bill, and he know that is end of life counseling provision does not have a
. >> the president is going to hold another town hall in montana on friday. >>> in nigeria, secretary of state hillary clinton making some news by comparing elections there to elections here. this involves the discussion of nigeria's problems with widespread voter fraud. >> another off-the-cuff comment about elections, this time, about nigeria, she brought up an election in the u.s., in 2000 she said -- >> in 2000 our presidential election came down to one state where the brother of the man running for president was the governor of the state. so, we have our problems, too. >> aides said she was not being editorial, she simply was making the point of how candidates would accept election results even if it might be flawed. >> this is going to raise eyebrows. >> right. i think one of the questions when she was running, will the real hillary clinton stand up. looks like she's doing pap. >> there is a presidential election in afghanistan next week. hundreds of marines and afghan troops launched a new push to take some controls on the taliban. >> action here from the front lines of the war in afghan
. >>> president obama heads to a town meeting in montana tomorrow to confront what he says are the myths about his health care overhaul plan. members of congress have forums scheduled today in at least seven states. in new jersey today, one veteran said he already has government health care through his va and he has to wait for fests and leave voicemail for his doctor. >>> an important recall this morning. little tikes is recalling more than 1.5 million workshop sets and trucks because of oversized plastic toy nails that can pose a choking hazard to young children. there's been one report of one child needing to be hospitalized. for more information on this you can go to our website, >>> and this x-ray says it all. an egyptian man got a spoon truck in his throat while trying to dislodge a fish bone. doctors had to surgically remove it. thank goodness it was not a fork. anyway, it is five minutes past the hour. head back outside to matt and sara gore. >> trying to get a fish bone out of his throat. maybe i'll jam this spoon down there, and that will force everything down. >> oh, yes.
you. >>> president obama getting ready for round two of the road show in colorado and montana. the debate is growing more passionate. arlen specter facing tough questions in a town hall meeting yesterday. hundreds of people in hagerstown, maryland booed and said just say no. charles grassley got an earful too in iowa. >> the power of life -- >> not going to do anything that's going to nationalize health insurance -- or nationalize health care in america. i don't intend to do anything to allow government bureaucrats to get between you and your doctor. >> senator, please forgive my teleprompter here. i've heard your recent rhetoric about how we want the same thing as obama and health care reform. i disagree on every level. there is nothing in that bill that i would agree to and we have to stop giving ground. >> government isn't the answer, it's a cancer. >> right now, as dan lothian reports, the white house is working hard to stay on message. >> you don't know. you don't know. >> 74 going to be written off because they have cancer. >> why don't they take the health care being fo
virginia, montana, and bladensburg, one lane gets by. inbound traffic is getting by in all lanes. this is a shot of the building that caught fire along the new york ave. things are starting to improve their. 270 southbound is very heavy and slow, trying to make it down to the interchange at route 109 where there was a crash at the truck scales. here we are at montrose road heading down to the beltway and things are better. >> it is not too bad outside. we are feeling fairly comfortable. temperatures are in the low 70 possibly. we are shooting for highs in the low 80's today. we will have some partly sunny skies. a few thunderstorms today but those that could develop will pack a punch. on the weekend, temperatures will back -- will be back to 90. >>> a metrobus operator recently photographed talking on a cell phone was apparently not on a personal call. metro says the woman was talking to transit officials about an issue with her boss. they are trying to figure out if she should be punished after all. much more on this story at noon. how about a swim? i'm little irregular today. d
in montana tomorrow. what is the message going to be, and has it changed at all? >> it should be interesting, because he is going to appear with senator max baucus from the middle of health-care negotiations. the county he is going to is a conservative county, and democrats as republicans to sign a civility pledge, but republicans said no, because that feels like they are being asked to be seen but not heard. a lot of people are waiting at to appear at this town hall. jane: an event on saturday also? >> yes. there are probably know people in the world who have done as many town hall meetings as barack obama. they feel that he will be able to reach out to people who make it in his face a little bit and say, let's calmed down and talk about our differences. jane: we have new rasmussen pulls out, saying that the approval rating is at its lowest. >> that is right. daily polls say that 47% somewhat approved, 52% disapprove, the lowest mark so far. a cause for concern for the white house. we expect that robert gibbs might be asked about it later, and we will get his reaction. gregg: one week befor
at his town hall in montana. more importantly, they like to see congressional democrats learn from senator claire mccaskill, who we saw here on the "today" show yesterday. >> chalk todd at the white house. as always, thank you very much. >> and let's get a check of the rest of the top stories. ann is on assignment so hoda kotb is filling in at the news desk. >> good morning, everybody. a wildfire in northern california has forced hundreds of people from their homes in santa cruz county. that fire has burned more than 1,000 acres and is threatening some 250 homes. >>> in afghanistan, the taliban is being blamed today for roadside bombings that killed at least 14 civilians, including three children. meantime, it is the second day of a major marine operation against the taliban. today marines helped a family flee to safety after their home was caught in the cross fire. u.s. troops are trying to break the taliban's grip on the area in advance of next week's presidential election. >>> former vice president dick cheney reportedly believes former president bush stopped taking his advice d
of montana and colorado tomorrow and saturday. harry? >> bill plante at the white house. thanks. so, what is fact, what is fiction when it comes to health care reform? jonathan cohn is senior editor of "the new republic" and author of "sick: the untold story of america's health care crisis and the people who pay the price". jonathan, good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm going to get right to some of these questions, some of these hot-button issues that get repeated and repeated and repeated day after day, especially in these meetings. we just heard the mantei we don't need obama and his crew to tell us how to die. is this health care reform plan going to create death panels telling people how to die, true or false? >> absolutely false. i think this is probably the most outrageous claim we've heard. there is a provision in the bill that they're moving through that if you want to write a living will, you want to talk to your doctor about it, you want to do it the right way, make sure you're asking for what you want, then medicare will actually pay your doctor to sit down with you and do i
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